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The battery charger MVD - will provide a constant current output charge curve on multi voltage possibilities.

The digital display allow you to choose one of the eight programmable charge curve, battery type and capacity.

You can create your own AGM, Gel, Li-Ion or desulphation charge curve (8 offered) with a maximum of 6 different available steps for each.

Intelligent electronic protection system (including soft start, battery polarity protection and optional temperature probe device.

It can operate with batteries of any type, from individual cells to complete packs, and it can be programmed to support applications of any type (Formation, Conditioning, Recovery, Desulphation and Regeneration).

Built on well renown technology (IGBT), the MVD is a perfect equipment for a battery shop, maintenance shop or forklift dealer.

MVD Digital Charger type 

Standard Models Available:


from 24 to 48 Volts DC

Max DC current available: 200 Amps

Input requested: 480 or 600 VAC (3 phases)


from 24 to 120 Volts DC

Max DC current available: 100 Amps

Input requested: 480 or 600 VAC (3 phases)

More standard or custom units are available, please call or email for details.

User's Manual

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