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The MVP is a multivoltage portable battery charger designed to charge, in easy and fast way, lead acid batteries with different voltages and different capacities.

The manual voltage selector connection allows you to choose your battery voltage and you just need to set the timer at the wanted charge time.

Very useful in location where the only input voltage available is 120 VAC, single phase.


Really simple to use at a competitive price, 

after the first usage, you will understand how easy it can help on field to recharge a sulphated battery or used as a temporary support while the customer standard charger needs repair/replacement.

MVP type - with mechanical timer.

Standard Model Available:


from 12 to 48 Volts DC

Max DC current available: 50 Amps*

Input requested: 120 VAC (plug in)

*will recharge batteries of 12,24,36 0r 48 volts, the max current output will be 50 amps at 12 volts and 25 amps at 48 volts.

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