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The battery discharger BDX - Manual will provide a constant current discharge curve to the minimum battery voltage setup.

The manual setup allow you to set up discharge current manually and increase or decrease it, if needed, during the discharge.


Really simple to use at a competitive price, 

after the first usage, you will understand the reliability of the results on battery testing.

Built on well renown technology (IGBT), the BDX is an equipment good for battery shop,

maintenance shop or forklift dealer.

It is also available on a digital version.

BDX Manual type - with potentiometer.

Standard Models Available:


from 24 to 48 Volts DC

Max DC current available: 180 Amps

Input requested: 120 VAC (plug in)


from 24 to 80 Volts DC

Max DC current available: 180 Amps

Input requested: 120 VAC (plug in)

Custom units are available, please call or email for details.

User's Manual

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